Will be more later but im to lazy to put them all up at once lol! (I price them according to what other sellers are selling them as - like a few dollars)

Started an Etsy shop

I have started an Etsy shop that I am hoping to sell vintage books and clothes on. I would like to eventually move on to selling other thing but I dont know what I should sell. Right now I only have one item up.

Anyone have any ideas what I could sell other than vintage books and clothes?

Here is the link to my shop,

Best birthday present ever!

My husband and mother in law bought me a set of freshwater pearls!

I have always wanted a set! SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!! ;)

Getting up early.

For the past week I have been able to get up earlier than my husband. That NEVER happens! For some reason unknown to me it appears that I dont need as much sleep as I used to .

Maybe it has to do with the fact that because I am 2 years behind hormonally (I had a seizure when I was 2 that I think set me back because I am like always 2 years behind in things like puberty, liking boys, boob growth, growing growth.) and I have just started not needing the teenage 11 hours sleep or what.

Any who so I have been getting up and cooking breakfast dressed nice and being totally a perfect housewife! (yay for a month at least my dream will come true before its dashed by having to get a part time job :(  )

Im amazed at how much quiet time I can get and how much I am able to get done!

Lets hope I am able to keep this up lol!


well let me tell you, it’s possible.

because i’m living it.

i want nothing more than to be a wife to brian. to carry and birth our children. stay at home and raise them. cook three meals a day for my family. run errands and grocery shop. take the kids to ballet/sports/music/whatever. i plan to…


I love pots now? #Apartmentlife.

I really want these! ;)


I love pots now? #Apartmentlife.

I really want these! ;)

The yellow dress just got a new zipper put in.

Which means im going to wear it tomorrow ;)

Thrift store haul and Raiding Grandma’s closet ;)

The day before yesterday I got to raid my grandma’s closet. 

I came away with

2 slips (one red silk and one black rayon or something)

2 sweaters (one soft blue button up and one from norway where the family is from)

1 bathrobe

1 white shirt

2 crop tops

5 dresses

1 skirt

and 2 aprons

(I am very happy ;) pictures are below


petticoat one (these flair my skirts our perfectly!)

petticoat 2

smock apron with amazing pockets

frilly dinner party apron

this dress is a perfect fit but needs a new zipper

another perfect fit but needs buttons this time lol

a very warm long sleeved dress (these are hard for me to find)

front of nice purple party dress

back of nice purple party dress

decent white top

(this is a light sky blue but my camera refuses to take it with the correct colors)

the sweater from norway

detail of norwegian sweater

red dress (rumpled because I just wore it yesterday)

nice brown wool skirt

crop top 1 probably from the 90s….

crop top 2 needs some altering to fit me correctly


Ok so NOW on to the thrift store haul ;)

Yesterday I went shopping with my mother (who had given me the most amazing cover everything apron that will be perfect for bread baking).

I ended up only spending $4.10 and getting, a sewing book and an adjustable dress form! YAY! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for an adjustable dress form but I just couldnt find one. Then I saw them being used as display dummys in the local salvation army and decided to ask for one. 

They said what I thought they would say, no they are not for sale. I said ok thats what I thought and then the lady said something completely unexpected.

She said she was a seamstess and understood how hard it was to find some cheap ones so she would sell me the one that wobbled for $4.


so yea I have a wobbly dress form but thats fixable and now maybe my dresses will fit! ;)

yea im excited I can not wait till we move again so I can unpack my sewing equipment and start learning to sew again .

 here is the pics of what I got

The giant apron.

So yea I have had the most amazing few days ;)

hope yours is just as cool!

Mrs. Bergstrom


If only we could get through our heads in this day and age that clothes need to be taken care of instead of leaving them in piles on the floor.

Hi Im back….with a download! (Make and Mend for Victory book)

So sorry I have been away for so long.(tumblr even randomly deleted my blog lol) Life has been quite hectic the past few months.
My husband has been unable to find a good job with his degree so we have been living with my mother-in-law for the past 6 months as he continues looking.
We have decided that the best move for us is probably going back to school for a different engineering degree in Aug.
That means that we will be moving for the 5th or so time in a year. (see told you life was hectic. I am probably going to have to get a part time job too :(
Also we have been working on getting in shape so that takes up some of our time.
We know we will make it but its still hard at times when things dont go the way they were planned.

Now for the download ;)

Make and Mend for Victory is a wellspring of mending knowledge. Almost everything you can think of as far as thrift and remaking is here in this little war time book.

There are chapters on collars, mending knits, reclaiming yarn from old sweaters to reuse, making womens and childrens clothes out of mens clothes and more!

A perfect addition to any sewing library.

The links are below. I found them at this site (who is amazing you should go visit her too;)   )


http://cargocultcraft.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/make-mend-for-victory-1942-1-of-2.pdf (part 1)

http://cargocultcraft.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/make-mend-for-victory-1942-2-of-2.pdf (part 2)